Jake Lacy, Nikki Reed, Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett, Nick Kocher, Nick Rutherford, Brian McElhaney, Gabriel Luna, Sam Eidson, Kirk Johnson, Will Elliott, DC Pierson, Jay Pharoah, John Merriman
A group of fifth year college seniors get the gang back together for a shot at Intramural sports glory. A hilarious sendup of inspirational sports movies replete with epic training montages, over-the-top motivational speeches and awkward tackles.
"...this modest, nimble and, um, winning comedy... acknowledges sports-movie conventions even as it exploits them." -New York Times
"rich in smaller comic turns... funnier than any number of mainstream comedies that get wide-release treatment." -The A.V. Club
"...the most unconventionally funny, weirdly absurd movie of the year... no actor plays second-string in this parade of comic oddities." -Austin Chronicle
"...functions like a well-curated sketch showcase, where underappreciated comedians get the chance to flex their muscles on the silver screen." -The Dissolve
"The entire ensemble is a terrific treat that will go down as one of the strongest of independent cinema in 2014." -Awards Circuit
"...everyone is clearly having a ball here. Part of this has to do with how comfortable they are with the genre itself and how enjoyable poking fun at it is, but credit is also due to an ensemble full of guys (and girls) who know how to deliver the goods."
"In a world where spoof films have been getting an increasingly bad name, Balls Out is surprisingly one of the smarter sports movie commentaries in the last few years." - We Got This Covered
"...a smarter, sharper take on self-aware sports cinema, finding a healthy balance between razzing the genre and celebrating its pleasures. It’s also a periodically hilarious picture with an amiable sense of humor, eased along by an enthusiastic cast who’ve come to play, giving the feature a special spin of silliness."

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