John Merriman and Barry Corbin meet for dinner in CINEMA SIX.

Mark Potts, Brand Rackley, John Merriman, Barry Corbin
Mason, Dennis, and Gabe have worked at the Stanton Family Cinemas for longer than they want to remember, but long enough they don’t want to leave. Most of their time is spent messing with customers, watching fellow employees work out their relationship issues and basically just slacking off, but at a cost.
Mason has a wife and child at home that he neglects too much, Gabe is considering college, but is scared of failure, and Dennis just dropped out of college after his fiancé cheated on him. The three are working things out together at their second home, the theatre, until Mason’s wife reveals she’s pregnant for the second time and his volatile home life comes to a head. Should Mason swallow his pride and beg his father-in-law for a job? Can Gabe get past his pessimism and fear and leave the projection booth? And can Dennis finally start to deal with his issues? Maybe. But first, they have some customers to ignore.
"Lead actor John Merriman handles comedy and drama with equal ease... Cinema Six resembles a movie theater-set version of Office Space." -indieWire
"When it comes to comic timing and wordplay, this film knocks it out of the park. ★★★★★" -Film Threat
"Quick, fun filmmaking at its finest...close to perfect." -D Magazine
"A combination of Office Space, Clerks, and Superbad..." -Austin Chronicle
"The funniest film I have seen all year." -Adobe Airstream
"The chemistry of the leads... jumps off the screen as much as the outlandish, expletive-filled dialog that brings to mind films such as Superbad and Animal House." -Pegasus News
"The film’s strength are the talented actors that make you wonder 'where did these guys come from?' and you instantly know it’s only a matter of time before someone puts them in a Apatow film." -PulpLizard Media
"...chock-full of delightful comic moments..." -Slackerwood
"The actors are all uniformly strong, with John Merriman and Brand Rackley displaying enough charisma to easily build an entire film around." -Nerds of a Feather
"I cannot recall a recent comedy that is as emotionally complex as Cinema Six... I could watch John Merriman, Mark Potts and Brand Rackley play off of each other all day." -Smells Like Screen Spirit
Dallas International Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, deadCenter Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, Waterfront Film Festival, Indy Film Festival, Radar International Independent Film Festival, Eastern Oregon Film Festival, Frequency Film Festival 

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