Courtney Davis, John Merriman, Macon Blair, Becky Ann Baker, Stephen Root, Yasmine Kittles
Gretchen has bigger problems than abysmal fashion sense: She's 17, painfully awkward and stuck in the most unforgiving place on earth - high school. When her obsession with school bad boy Ricky gets out of hand, her mother sends her to an emotional treatment center to recover. She has to travel elsewhere, however, to truly begin to understand why she fixates on the wrong kind of guy.
"A quirky, low-key delight. ★★★★★" -Eric D. Snider
"...a really dry, funny and sad film. Courtney Davis as Gretchen gives a solid performance as does the rest of the cast. Particularly John Merriman as Ricky and Becky Ann Baker as Gretchen’s mom." -Film Threat
"...a humorously deadpan yet poignant reminder of how the smallest moments can lead to extreme adolescent drama. Full of comic brilliance and heartfelt performances..." -Austin Chronicle
"Less caustic than Todd Solondz and more restrained than Terry Zwigoff, Collins’ uneasy satire serves as a last laugh for those who regard high school as anything but the best years of their lives." -Variety
"A beautiful, delicate look at the nasty pains of teenage relationships." -Cinematical
"...the performances are excellent - especially Courtney Davis and John Merriman - and the characters are wonderfully observed." -Eye For Film
"The film is swimming with terrific performances - Merriman is deliciously sleazy." -DVD Talk
"The creepiest funny-sad-sad-funny quasi-mumblecore indie farce of the decade." -IFC
Winner Best Narrative Feature, LA Film Festival
SXSW, Los Angeles Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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