LOVES HER GUN showdown with Trieste Kelly Dunn and Heather Kafka.

Trieste Kelly Dunn, Francisco Barreiro, Ashley Rae Spillers, Melissa Hideko Bisagni, John Merriman, Heather Kafka
A young woman who flees violence in New York for the laid back environment in central Texas. Once she settles into Austin she falls into the local gun culture and some of her same worries come back to haunt her.
"...appealingly low-key... gently observant... Beneath the film’s sunny, liquored-up atmosphere beats an insistent undercurrent of threat: a woman woozily waving a gun at a pool party, and a wife-beating neighbor undeterred by police intervention. CRITIC'S PICK" -New York Times 
"...consistently interesting... the characters, down to the bit parts, are all intriguing and feel authentic to the Austin milieu, their idiosyncrasies taken for granted." -Variety
"...small moments of violence sporadically keep us on our toes... has a lived-in, almost documentary-like realism to it." -Village Voice
"An essential movie about women and violence." -Think Progress
SXSW: Winner, Louis Black Lone Star Award

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