John Merriman, Estephania LeBaron, Garry Peters
On the verge of expulsion, a hapless art student must decide between life-long ambition and love when an audacious nude model makes a dangerous demand in the middle of class. Nominated for a Student Oscar in 2004.
 "Polished, taut, and beautifully lit, it concerns the plight of an art student (John Merriman, whose facial expressions make the movie) simultaneously falling in love with the model he's drawing (Estephania LeBaron) and facing the whip of his comically intense teacher." -Austin Chronicle
"It’s part thriller, part comedy, and part existential allegory... suspenseful and strangely abstract — like an art film hijacked by Michael Bay, but in the best way possible." -Vulture
"A remarkable tour de force." -Roger Corman
Best College Short, HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival
Finalist, Student Academy Awards
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