John Merriman and Kerri Lendo go shopping in PICTURES OF SUPERHEROES.

Kerri Lendo, Shannon McCormick, John Merriman
Marie is dumped and fired on the same day and gets a job cleaning up after a businessman and his forgotten roommate.
"Like an absurd psychological study of the multiple personalities of modern life in Austin, writer/director Don Swaynos’ Pictures of Superheroes cleverly juxtaposes a slackerish man-child with a self-absorbed entrepreneur." -Film School Rejects
" extended 'Mr. Show' sketch with a sloppy heart... Merriman and McCormick bring a believable obliviousness to the two male leads who are much more alike than they care to recognize." -Austin American-Statesman
"A terrific, and odd, ensemble piece with what seems like at least half of Austin's best actors popping up in every other scene... a small, quirky gem that rises above its humble production budget by dint of its across-the-board excellent acting turns by all involved." -Austin Chronicle
"Pictures of Superheroes just delivers... John Merriman as Joe is at his somewhat crazy-eyed and slightly creepy best." -Film Threat
"...howlingly funny surrealist comedy... perfectly paced and developed..." -Underground Film Journal
"With his debut feature film, Pictures of Superheroes, writer-director Don Swaynos emerges with a fully formed comedic voice... ably assisted by a winning cast..." -QuickFlix
"Swaynos' direction really draws out the acting talent of his comedic cast... Doubek and Merriman are quite engaging." -Slackerwood
"’s the Merriman-McCormick show, and they turn Swaynos’s script into a snicker-fest."  -Cinemalin
"...shows the lashing, vibrant, aliveness of contemporary, independent American comedic cinema." -Battle Royale with Cheese
"The dialogue is swift, snappy and well delivered by the fantastic ensemble cast... one of my favourite comedy films of the year, independent or otherwise." -Fruitless Pursuits
" The cast is splendid, deliciously creating their bizarre characters and making them sympathetic." -Next Projection
Austin Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Sydney Underground Film Festival, South Texas Underground Film Festival

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